Fresh air. Clear blue sea. Magical forests and mountains. Combine that with historical sights and your dream vacation can start. If you are searching to spend your days outdoors, with as many activities possible and still want to get to know the history behind all that beauty, search no more.
Dubrovnik city needs no general introduction, so let the locals show you the hidden gems, walk the City walls and feel the thousand year old stones, climb the mount Srđ and soak up the beauty beneath you. Imagine pedaling into the sunset, or even better, horseback riding through the breathtaking Konavle region.
If romance does not suit you, ATV safari through the mud, river and Konavle valley, kite surfing in Viganj or Neretva, or the longest, 900 meter seaside zipline in Croatia, definitely will!
Once the adrenaline passes, and you think it can´t get better – think again. Whether you choose to snorkel around the marvelous island coasts, bike through the villages or the city itself, strike a pose in yoga class – it will be a perfect ending of a perfectly spent vacation.