Dubrovačka Malvasia - wine from Konavle vineyards

Whether you prefer beer or wine, if you are in Dubrovnik one of the things you just have to try is Dubrovnik Malvasia. No matter if you are a wine lover or not, we are sure that the wine grown in Konavle will remain in your memory. It is also a wonderful gift for family or friends who we are sure will appreciate such a sign of attention that exudes Dubrovnik and its history.

During the long summer nights, there is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than enjoying this first-class and award-winning wine with good cheese while you sense the smell of the sea and salt in the air and a light breeze ruffling your hair. And the sound of crickets... true summer nights in Dalmatia!

Wondering what makes Dubrovnik Malvasia so special? To answer that question for a start we will go back a little to history. Actually six centuries back!

Recently, it has been discovered that this variety is also grown in other areas of the Mediterranean and so far has been considered an indigenous species. Dubrovnik Malvasia from Konavle fields is similar to Spanish Malvasia de Sitges, Italian delle Lipari, di Sardegna and Greco di Gerace.

It is assumed that Malvasia arrived by colonization from Greece a long time ago. This white grape has been grown in the Dubrovnik area since ancient times. The fact that this wine is mentioned in the documents of the Republic of Dubrovnik speaks of the long tradition of cultivation. According to the records of the Republic of Dubrovnik from 1424, they forbid the sale of wine called Malvasia dubrovačka for a price higher than that prescribed by the legal provisions of the Republic. Mentioning the name Malvasia almost six hundred years ago is interesting not only for Croatian viticultural history, but also on a world scale.

And now? It has been thought for long that this variety will become extinct, but with the revitalization and enthusiasm of local growers in recent years, the number of grapevines of this variety has been growing. A long time ago, it was cultivated along the shade slopes of the houses and summer residences of the Dubrovnik nobility. Today it is cultivated in the area of ​​Konavle, in the Konavle field. Old stories about this variety say that the old people of Dubrovnik gave this nectar to their greatest friends and enemies too. One of the interesting things is that the famous Cvijeta Zuzoric also drank this wine and said that it was wine made for the gods.

Today in Konavle you can find a couple of enthusiasts or better to say lovers of this variety and visit their households and taste one of the best wines, as evidenced by numerous awards both domestically and internationally. This dry white wine will leave you breathless. It will envelope your mouth and your throat, with a long aftertaste. It should be served cold with white meat or fish specialties or sipped slowly with an excellent selection of cheeses.

Cheers or how we say: UZDRAVLJE!

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